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The Great Australian Doorstep

Peter “Spida” Everitt is fulfilling his dream of travelling around Australia in a caravan along with his wife Sheree who assists in co-hosting and kids.

Everitt played 10 years with St Kilda, four years with Hawthorn and two years with Sydney before retiring in 2008.

The three month trip has been documented and turned into season one of ‘The Great Australian Doorstep’.

The troop visits various places along the way, what to see and do in these places and tips on travelling.

The show features very practical tips such as how to pack a caravan to ensure all weight is balanced between people and luggage and how to make a tasty breakfast that the whole family will enjoy.

The first stop on the trip is Bordertown, or better known as the ‘Gateway to South Australia’ – located 20 minutes from the Victorian-South Australian border.

Sights of Bordertown include Clayton’s Farm, the local pub and the Bordertown Go Kart track.  All the activities are family orientated and show what the town has to offer for its tourists.

The second stop of the trip is Goolwa which is located one hour south of Adelaide.

Their visit to Goolwa included the Steam Exchange Brewery, a boutique brewery located in the heart of the town which is exporting its beer to many pubs and restaurants around Australia.

The first season has a total of 13 episodes featuring all the must see towns across Australia.