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The trip of a lifetime

After a gruelling footy season, almost all players immediately switch their attention to taking a break.

We all choose to do that in different ways.


Some will head back to their hometowns and catch up with family and friends.

Others will choose to stay at home and just put the feet up for a month or so.

The rest will probably do what myself and team mate Tom Lynch are doing – a big holiday.

As AFL players, we are in the fortunate position as young men to be able to afford to go on nice holidays, usually overseas.

After heading to Hawaii in 2013 with my girlfriend – this year I make the extra five hours on the plane to arrive on mainland USA.

As delirious NFL fans, Tom and I have (with the help of kind people) orchestrated what we consider the trip of a lifetime.

18 days, seven cities, seven NFL teams and four college teams – it’s something I have dreamt about doing and it’s nearly here.

After much planning and even more day dreaming about what is to come, the time is almost here to pack the bags and head to the airport.

Firstly, before we head to the airport we are attending team mate David Mackay’s wedding to the lovely Sarah on the Saturday, then onto the Virgin jet the following morning.

Sleep prior to the trip is unlikely!

So, after a brief stopover in Brisbane, we will be bound for Los Angeles International with little time to soak in the atmosphere before hopping on another plane.

The beauty of flying to the States is gaining back all the time you’ve just spent in the air.

Roughly two hours after finally touching down in America, we are straight onto another aircraft to get to Seattle, home of Superbowl champions the Seahawks.

Fortunately for Tom and I – and unfortunately for our body clocks – the Seahawks are hosting the Dallas Cowboys on the day of our arrival.

Throughout last season, the Crows were lucky enough to host David Stricklin, an assistant athletic trainer at the Seahawks and we gave him the full experience inside the four walls at Adelaide.

Thankfully, David has been kind enough to return the favour.

Sideline passes before the game and tickets to the stadium officially recognised as the world’s loudest, to see the reigning champions face off against the team they call ‘America’s Team.’

A pretty good way to kick-start the holiday, one would think.

Attending NFL matches are an experience in themselves, let along seeing the inside of the team facility – which is what we will be lucky enough to do following the game.

Whenever I show friends or family through our facilities at the Crows they are blown away with the size of our training areas and the quality of our equipment.

An NFL facility will be next level – this time it will be us salivating at the sights we shall see.

NFL teams are billion plus dollar organisations and when it comes to winning ball games of a Sunday – no expense is spared.

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