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Top 10 Christmas Gifts

Trying to find the perfect gift for your man? Checkout our top 10 Christmas gift ideas supplied exclusively by AFL Players.

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1. L’Oreal Men Expert

What: The L’Oréal Paris Men Expert range has been designed specifically for men, featuring products to suit every age and lifestyle. It includes innovative skincare solutions to combat daily aggressions and keep you looking younger for longer.


For your chance to win a year’s supply of L’Oreal Men Expert product visit the AFL Players’ Facebook Page.

2. Nena and Pasadena

Who: Buddy Franklin

What: It started with T-Shirts but has now extended to include various styles of men’s and women’s casual wear. One of the leading fashion labels in Australia, Nena and Pasadena has recently generated some international cut through earning space on the racks of Harrods.



3. Glow Fixie

Who: James Magner

What: As its name suggests, Glow Fixie is a glow in the dark, fixie bike business. Started by former Demon James Magner in 2013, it is the only product of its kind and has risen to enormous popularity on the back of the eclectic fixie culture.


You can win a Glow Fixie now! Visit the AFL Players’ Facebook Page.

4. Three65 Underwear

Who: Cyril Rioli

What: Along with an old school mate, Rioli has recently launched Three65, a subscription underwear service that delivers to your door new jocks and socks every three months. The perfect gift for someone who insists on holding onto a pair of old faithful’s beyond it’s used by date.



5. Benny Herberts

Who: Daniel Pratt

What: The brainchild of the former Roo and Lion who has brought customized flat brimmed caps to our shores. The holder of a rare New Era’s licenses in Australia, they produce the very popular New Era version of AFL caps and produced the inaugural 22under22 New Era caps.


6. Deemun Squad

Who: Jesse White and Daniel Pratt

What: This surf-skate-grunge fashion label originated from a joke between mates but has evolved to be anything but. Their hats are regularly seen on the heads of the AFL’s coolest cats and they are willing to push the boundaries with their branding. When you wear a T-Shirt with Deemun across the front, you join the squad.


7. Jerry Jones

Who: Nathan Jones

What: A collaboration between Nathan and Jerri Jones this yet to be launched fashion label trades in simple, yet sophisticated leather garments for men and women. Unfortunately it is not available for Christmas but it’s worth a mention anyway…Any footballer brace enough to wear leather pants deserves a mention.


8. Such a Tees Clothing

Who: Liam Jones

What: A brash-young streetwear label based in Hobart. Its logo is the thumbs down, but we give this one the thumbs up.


9. Kluminati

Who: Koby Stevens and Ash Smith

What: Drawing inspiration from music, art and the progressive ink culture, Kluminati Clothing offers modern, innovative designs perfect for expressing your own individuality and style. Pushing the limits in both the cut and fit, it’s no surprise Kluminati is fast becoming popular around fashion circles for their casual street-wear.



10. Jaggad

Who: Chris Judd

What: Simple, yet high quality and high efficiency athletic apparel with a community focus. With a focus on running, cycling and triathlon, Jaggad apparel has pockets where you need and fit where you want. With its relatively plain branding, these items are perfect for the no-nonsense athlete.



11. And for the more adventurous…How about a weekend with the Wiz?

Who: Warwick Capper

What: Price dependent