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Towers of 2XP protecting the players

Every AFL and AFLW player will be supplied with sunscreen for all training and match days in 2018 through a new partnership between 2XP and the AFL Players’ Association.

2XP is a new range of SPF50+ elemental protection developed in partnership with Surfing Australia to specifically cater for high performing athletes and active, outdoor Aussie lifestyles.

The more than 1,000 players in the AFL and ALFW competitions will collectively receive more than 6000 packs of 2XP sunscreen (400ml) throughout 2018 — stacked on top of each other, the total sunscreen packs would equal the height of 12 MCG light towers.

AFL Players’ Association CEO Paul Marsh says the players are thrilled to have access to a sun protection range that meets the needs of elite athletes who train and compete in the harshest conditions.

“AFL players spend a lot of time outside, training and playing — the AFLW players especially with the season taking place through the hottest months of the year — so to have year-round access to 2XP’s great range of sunscreen will be of great benefit to all of our members.”

Heritage Brands CEO Constantine Gendis says Surfing Australia athletes tested, and retested, all formulations until landing on the perfect combination of protection and long lasting performance, in fragrance free, paraben free, Australian made formulas that won’t irritate the skin or eyes, or leave a greasy feel on the skin or hands.

“We have worked closely with professional athletes in developing a product that overcomes the common frustrations associated with wearing sunscreen — sticky, greasy, eye stinging and low sweat resistance for example,” he said.

“Like many athletes, when AFL players are out on the field, there is no shelter, no shade, no respite from the elements, they need an SPF that will stay on, and give the highest protection possible all year round, whilst enabling them to perform at their best.”

All 2XP sunscreens are Australian made SPF50+, offering very high protection against both UVA +UVB rays, all SPF products are four hours water resistant and there is a Groms range, designed specifically for active kids.

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