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Where do you feel most @home?

In 2014 @AFLPlayers will showcase to fans where they feel @home. Through this season’s @home series on the 7 Network, and as supporters of the players’ official charity, Ladder, these exclusive segments will provide an insight into the importance of having a strong connection to where, what or who players consider ‘home’, while highlighting the significant work of Ladder, who help young people who have experienced homelessness realise their hopes, dreams and aspirations in order for them to find a home of their own.

‘@home’ is somewhere, something, some one that players feel connected to. It’s a safe environment and is an experience players cannot imagine being without. It evokes positive memories and is associated with an appreciation for where, what or who players consider ‘home’.

Unfortunately for many Australians, there isn’t somewhere they feel @home. On any given night in Australia there are over 105,000 Australians who have nowhere to call home – nearly half are aged under 25. @AFLPlayers are proud to support Ladder; every time a player runs out onto the field for their team, they donate $25 to Ladder.

As a group players are committed to helping young people who have been homeless find a place where they feel at home. Join us as we continue to tackle youth homelessness across Australia.

Lynden Dunn and his son Emmett
This week @home caught up with Melbourne player Lydnen Dunn and his son, Emmett. Watch how Lynden explains how he feels most @home while spending quality time with Emmett, feeding the ducks at their local park.

Ladder and the AFL Players’ Association

As the official charity of the AFL Players’ Association, Ladder continues to harness the power of the AFL industry to help tackle youth homelessness. The combined effort and commitment of players goes from strength to strength, with those involved in Ladder’s mentoring and ambassador roles providing support and encouragement to a young person’s life.

Financial assistance from every player in the league is demonstrated every week, with every senior listed AFL player who steps onto the field donating a portion of his match fee to Ladder – a contribution that adds up to $150,000 in funding each year, which is then matched by the AFL equalling a $300,000 contribution from the AFL industry as a whole.

In 2013;

  • Matched 13 Mentors to young people in Ladder’s programs, including current AFL Players
  • Assisted 8 Young People from Ladder Hoddle Street, Melbourne, move to live independently in the community
  • Assisted 18 young people from Ladder St Vincent Street, Port Adelaide, move on to live independently in the community
  • Provide almost 3,224 hours of support to young people through Ladder’s programs

Join in on the players’ support to Ladder  and match their donation today by clicking on the Donate Now link  and together we help can Ladder to end youth homelessness.