The AFL Players’ Association believes that our members should aspire to be lifelong learners, and that their educational journey should be tailored to each individual, and their stage of life.

Recent evidence supports our philosophy stating that when professional athletes pursue both educational and sporting pathways simultaneously, it increases their motivation, stimulates them intellectually and allows for more effective stress relief.

With this in mind, the AFL Players’ Association has moved to develop a number of high quality and bespoke education offerings for our members to engage with whilst they are pursuing their AFL career and beyond.

The AFL Players’ Association has developed a number of national programs to support members in navigating the AFL industry. Whether that be inducting new members or preparing members for transition out of the game, our educational options allow members to continually learn and grow.

Additionally, we partner with some of Australia’s most respected education institutions to not only provide the most high quality education programs, but ensure members are supported in optimally navigating their educational journey.