To ensure all AFL Players’ Association members meet their financial goals, we provide a number of avenues to access independent financial support.

The AFL Players’ Association has a longstanding partnership with Shadforth Financial Group spanning more than 20 years.

Shadforth Financial is a national financial planning business, which is experienced in providing advice for individuals around strategic planning, investment recommendations, portfolio management and superannuation as it relates to each individual’s financial situation.

The AFL Players’ Association, in collaboration with Shadforth, has developed a number of education programs to help members navigate their financial journey while in the AFL industry and beyond.

This bespoke approach to support provides members access to independent financial advice, allowing them to achieve their financial goals while maintaining a balanced approach to all areas of their lives.

The AFL Players’ Association believes that all members have the opportunity to exit the AFL environment with a strong financial foundation and skillset, providing a springboard into the next phase of their life.