How to be an ally

How to be an ally

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The AFL Players’ Association Indigenous Advisory Board has compiled these resources to help members of the wider community become an ally for Indigenous people in Australia.

First nations resources

First Nations Resources Directory

Publications/ Websites

Australians Together: Inter-generational Trauma

Australia’s hidden history of slavery: the government divides to conquer



Sisters Inside

Organisations to donate to

Change the Record

Healing Foundation

Human Rights Law Centre

Black Rainbow

National Justice Project 

Children’s Ground

Day Family Fundraiser

Indigenous Literacy Foundation

Additional organisations

Social media profiles and community groups to follow and support


ABC Indigenous


Justice for Tanya Day


Harbrow Mentoring

Always our Stories


Senator Briggs

Blak Business

Baker Boy

ABC Indigenous

Common Ground Australia

Brooke Boney


Blackfulla Bookclub

NITV Australia

The Clothing Gap

Louis Anderson Mokak

Wirrpanda Foundation

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