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Jones captures the moment

Out on the field he’s the subject. Long lenses point his way and click incessantly to capture the moment he drags an opponent down in a fierce tackle, crashes through a pack with the ball tucked under his wing or salutes the crowd after a long running goal.

Off the field, he’s the man behind the lens.  Walking Melbourne’s city streets, camera in hand looking for a moment to capture.  Skaters, buskers and musicians, graffiti artists, the homeless, families interacting in everyday life are just some of his subjects.

Melbourne skipper Nathan Jones says his interest in photography is only fairly recent.  His Instagram account would suggest he’s got a great eye for it.

“I have a real interest in people, people-watching and capturing moments” Nathan Jones

“The easiest place to photograph is the city, walking the streets,” Jones says.

“I have a real interest in people, people-watching and capturing moments.”

“I probably spend an hour or two walking around, staying on the move.  It’s best at peak times, when everyone’s outside.  Lunchtime or after work.  I capture whatever is there, mainly people in the streets, but always in the moment, nothing that’s set up.”

Joining fellow AFL Players to promote TeamUp’s 20 Day Challenge – encouraging Victorians to get moving for 20 consecutive days to develop healthy habits – Jones believes getting out and about with a camera is an ideal low-impact activity for those participating in the challenge and those simply looking for an enjoyable but active recreational hobby.

“I’m not sure how far I’d usually walk, but it’s at least an hour, sometimes two and takes in a lap of half the city, but with plenty of stops to people watch and look for the perfect shot,” he says.

He recommends following his favourite route around Melbourne’s CBD to not only hit a number of great photography spots, but also to maximise the opportunity to get active.

“Start at Flinders St Station, then head down to the corner of Elizabeth Street and take that to Bourke Street,” Jones advises.

“Turn right up Bourke Street through the Mall and along to Swanston Street.  Head left along Swanston towards the State Library and spend some time there before heading back along Swanston to Flinders Lane where you take a left and then right into Hosier Lane.  Hosier Lane is a great spot for another stop before moving on to Federation Square and finishing up there.”

Jones loves observing people going about their everyday lives as he travels this route, and is fascinated by the different stories he comes across, whether they come from buskers, artists, homeless people, skaters, recent migrants or anyone else wandering through the city.

“I enjoy interacting with people – learning what their story is and why,” Jones says.

“And I love having the chance to capture their portraits.”

Jones appeared on SEN’s Morning Glory this morning to chat about the 20 Day Challenge and his love of photography. The interview can be found in full below.

Given as many as 30 percent of Victorians take little or no part in regular physical activity, hitting town with a camera is a great way to see the sights, get some fresh air and most importantly get active.  Join the AFL Players’ TeamUp 20 Day Challenge and head on a walk along Jones’ recommended photography route around Melbourne to capture your own moment.

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