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Keeping up the momentum after #20DC

Ok, so you have completed the TeamUp 20 Day challenge…congratulations on a great job!! But, unfortunately… That was the easy part. The real challenge now is to keep up the momentum and ensure that the start you made was the beginning of a new ‘healthy and active’ you.

  • Some great ways to ensure you can keep the motivation alive are;
  • Set some real fitness goals that will challenge you and keep you going. Eg cover 20 Kilometres in a week OR 1000 Push Ups a Week OR 5km under 20 minutes
  • Challenge a friend to do the 20 day challenge (and do it with them, but push yourself harder)
  • Join the local Gym
  • Hire a Personal Trainer (great idea if you lack motivation or fitness knowledge)
  • Reward yourself after you achieve your fitness/health goals – e.g. Massage

Final Tips to ensure you get the results your striving for

  • Challenge yourself… If the workouts are getting easier, your results will be plateauing. Ensure you are always pushing yourself whilst training
  • Train at the time that works for you – if your not a morning person, perhaps hit the Gym after work
  • Don’t forget the Diet – it won’t matter how much you exercise, you will never get the optimum results if you don’t supplement your workouts with a healthy lifestyle.

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