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Pendlebury gets punk’d

After surprising and then schooling a group of local basketballers in a game of three-on-three last week, Scott Pendlebury got a taste of his own medicine today during a game of street basketball when an unexpected visitor stole the show.

Pendlebury had placed a call-out via the TeamUp app for fans to join him for a casual lunchtime game of basketball at Prahran Park, however got more than he bargained for when one incredibly tall ‘elderly’ man took to the court in what was an elaborate prank on the Collingwood champ.

The ‘elderly man’ was Melbourne Tigers star Lucas Walker, who had been disguised with make-up and appeared in ‘Uncle Drew’ style clothing, and joined the game of five-on-five featuring those who arrived in response to Pendlebury’s Team Up post.

While initially Walker’s disguise worked a treat, it wasn’t long until he warmed up and by the end of the game he was finishing off alley oops and dunking at will to the delight of the crowd.

At the completion of the five-on-five game, Walker challenged Pendlebury to a game of one on one, and while the Tigers big man certainly had him covered, Pendlebury managed to land a few impressive shots from the arc to prove he could match it with the NBL star.

Pendlebury is far from a slouch on the court. Pendlebury played at state level as a junior, and certainly has plenty of tricks up his sleeve.

The footage will appear on Channel Ten Sport tonight as well as featuring in Collingwood’s TV show The Club later this month.

See a sneak peak below of some of the action from today’s game.