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Players provide warm welcome on cold day at Bells

On a cold winter’s day down at the Rip Curl Pro, fans received a lovely surprise as they entered the TeamUp tent in hope of shelter and were greeted by two AFL stars – Joel Selwood and Lachie Henderson – armed with iPads and a welcoming smile.

The pair attended the event to promote the new VicHealth TeamUp App as part of the AFL Players’ TeamUp 20 Day Challenge. The app provides the ability to connect with people in your local area who are looking for an exercise buddy, and has been highly successful since launching with almost 20,000 people already using the app and more than 700 activities to choose from.

“More and more we are seeing the importance of staying active” – Joel Selwood

Henderson, a keen surfer himself, said the app is a great way to find other people who are not only in the same area as you, but also at the same skill level and were able to exercise at a time matching your schedule.

“Everyone is busy and finding people to socially exercise with can be tough, so I think this TeamUp app is a great concept which addresses this challenge,” said Henderson.

While it was a lay day for the event, fans loved the chance to spend some time with the boys who not only showed them how to use the app, but gave out easter eggs and showbags as well.

The Cats skipper proved a crowd favourite with the Geelong faithful with many posing for a photo with the champ. Passionate about his fitness, Selwood said the app reinforced an important social message about the value of staying active.

“I think more and more we are seeing the importance of staying active, and while intense training is not for everyone, having an app that helps you find a group to go for a casual walk with or play a social game of basketball with is a great idea,” said Selwood.

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